The Best Executive Suites in Washington D.C.

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Our Top Picks for the Best Executive Suites in the Nation’s Capital.

Washington D.C. is a city built to be the home for the powerful. So, as you can imagine, there are tons of executive suites available throughout the city. We parsed through hundreds of four and five star hotels to come with a list of the absolute best Executive suites in Washington D.C.

Drumroll please….

1. Capella, Washington, DC:

Luxury with a modern feel.

capella washington dc hotel suites
Capella is the height of luxury in Washington D.C. The only way you get more luxurious is if you stay in the White House (and even that’s debatable). The standout feature of Capella is security: there are 24-hour assistants that function both as friendly staff but also as security.
The second best feature is the rooftop infinity pool. Seriously, swimming around in that pool with a clear view of Washington’s famous monuments is an experience like nothing else.
The style of the luxury suites is classic luxury with a modern bent to them. The circular The Georgian-style drapes and chairs mix perfectly well with a Dyson fan and cleverly-laid out outlets for your devices. It’s a mixture of styles that gives you a sense of the history of luxury but also doesn’t make you feel like you’re staying in a past-its-prime hotel. The Capella is very much with the times and doesn’t try to hide it. It’s just awesome.

Click here to visit The Capella Hotel’s website.

2. The Jefferson

Classic luxury

luxury hotel washington dc the jefferson
The Jefferson has been recently renovated and updated. Image Credit: Washington Post

We called the Capella ‘luxury with a modern feel’. But if you want the straight up feeling of being American royalty, this is unapologetic luxury at its finest.
Best Feature: Location. The hotel is located right in the heart of downtown means you can walk out of your hotel and enjoy all of the major sites within just a few hours.
Second Best Feature: The Tributes to Thomas Jefferson. The Hotel doesn’t just use Jefferson’s name for that ‘founding fathers vibe’, the hotel is full of tributes to Thomas Jefferson: documents signed by him, as well as books on his favorite subjects as well as signed copies of famous authors who have stayed there. You definitely feel steeped in the history of Washington while you rest in luxury.
All in all the historic hotel (opened in 1923) has modern conveniences (key cards to use the elevator, charging stations, etc.) to not feel antiquated, while still giving you a genuine old-world feel. It’s an experience you won’t get from any chain hotel.

Click here to visit the official hotel website for the Jefferson.

3. The Ritz-Carlton, Washington DC

The name says it all

ritz carlton washington dc

With the Ritz-Carlton you are paying for the name. The Washington DC hotel has all the grandiose luxury you would expect from the Ritz. The style is similar to the Jefferson in that it has old world luxury. But the main difference between the two (and the reason we rated the Jefferson higher) is that the Jefferson has been recently renovated with newer amenities. The Ritz itself is aging quite a bit. It is by no means dirty or dingy, but you get the feeling that twenty years ago was the ideal time to visit this hotel.

Click here to visit the Ritz-Carlton’s website.

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