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events in Washington DC

Since it is the nation’s capital, Washington DC isn’t always the most budget-friendly travel option. However, there are a lot of great festivals and events to attend in the area, so how can you make it work if you are on limited funds?

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Important Events in Washington DC

Washington DC is the state capital of United States of America which makes it one of the most distinguished and influential places in the world. There are many exciting events held in the city regularly, some of them are local and cultural festivals while others are political events. Whichever they are, they make the experience of living in and visiting Washington DC worthwhile. Here are a few:

National Cherry Blossom Festival

National Cherry Blossom Festival is among the most important and cherished festivals of the year which takes place in the last week of March and the first week of April. At this time city is visited by over one million people from all over the World. The cherry blossom festival is a symbol of happiness and hope at the start of the spring season. The flowers blossom all over the city and the tidal Basin turns pink. Since many people wish to see the festival, it is challenging to get a ticket to Washington at that time but if you are lucky you can have a chance of witnessing the festivities.

Inauguration ceremony

Another and the most critical event in Washington DC is the inauguration of the new president of the USA. It is a very grand event that is held every four years and is an occasion of great festivity and celebrations. Although the event is held in the later part of the year when the weather is extremely cold the city is covered in colors. It is the most significant political event that is held in the United States and people watch the parade from their homes as the inauguration takes place.

The Ford’s theater is one of the most important places in the city. Many events are held in the theater and it is very well known for its performances. The theater is very affordable and you can enjoy performances from budding artists to Shakespeare’s plays. For visitors, it is an wonderful form of entertainment and they enjoy the performing arts such as dancing and dramas.

Christmas and Easter festivals

The Christmas and Easter holidays are the biggest religious events that are held here. Most of the general population living here are Christians so Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm and vigor. Christmas trees are decorated with stars and bells, Christmas programs are broadcast on the television, and people exchange beautiful gifts with each other. It is an occasion of love and thanks to God on the birthday of his beloved Christ. All the city looks festive and contributions are sent to the old and needy patients in the hospitals and orphanages.

New Year celebrations

New Year celebrations are held at the peak in the city. It is a very joyful occasion on which a big firework display welcomes the coming year. People pray for the prosperity of the nation and drink and dance the night away. New plans and promises are made for the next year while all of Washington brims with light and colors.

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