Hosting a Conference: Tips and iStockPhoto Promo Codes

hosting a conference in washington dc

Are you responsible for organizing your company’s conference? Especially if you’ve never organized one before, you will have a hectic task ahead of you. There are so many things to host and take into consideration that you may feel pretty overwhelmed at some point. For you to be able to host a successful conference here some tips to help you on your way.

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Choosing the venue

The venue is probably one of the most critical aspects of your conference, and not just any old neighborhood hall will do. You’ll need to think about this for a bit. A good idea is to create a checklist of all the criteria your venue should meet. Things you should find out are: Does the venue have catering facilities? What about break-away rooms for your delegates? Does it have Wi-Fi? What is the capacity of the venue? If you want to organize a memorable conference, consider choosing a venue that is a little out of the ordinary. Perhaps a venue with spectacular interiors or a venue that is situated in beautiful surroundings. A themed-venue would also work well. Most importantly, however, your booked venue should be centrally located so that all delegates can get there without any hassles.

Deciding on the catering

Creating a memorable conference should also include the catering. Make sure that the conference catering offers something spectacular. Not regarding price, per se, but something different from the run-of-the-mill cocktail sausages and mini sandwiches if you know what I mean. Just like the venue, the snacks and food should also be something your delegates will remember, for the right reasons, that is. If you choose to serve a main meal such as a lunch, try to stick to delicious but not over-the-top meals that are too exotic for people with humble tastes. Remember there will be many different people, and so you will have to offer a variety of options such as vegetarian dishes, kosher dishes, and halal dishes. Plan well-ahead and inquire whether there are guests with special dietary requirements.

Choosing your guest speakers

Your keynote speakers will set the tone of pretty much your entire conference, so choosing carefully is important. Ideally, your speakers should be original, witty and offer something of value. A master of ceremonies would also not look out of place, especially when you have a few different speakers and you need to ‘fill in the gaps’.

Don’t forget the visuals.

Keynote speakers are critical but don’t underestimate the importance of visuals. An evening or afternoon filled with speakers without any visuals can become a very drawn-out affair. Try to be creative and alternate the ‘spoken word’ with stimulating visuals and music. Interactive videos, for instance, can be very effective.

Accommodation for your guests

If only guests in the local area will attend your conference, accommodation is probably not required. If your guests come from far away, however, you will need to make accommodation arrangements. The venue could organize this for you, but you could also contact hotels or guest houses in the area and try to get a special deal. It goes without saying that the quality of the accommodation should be on par with the quality of your conference. Please see one of our many recommendations for executive suites in the Washington DC area!

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