Wipo Lisbon Agreement

(8) (a) The head office agreement with the country, whose organization has a statutory headquarters, provides that, if working capital is not sufficient, that country grants advances. The amount of these advances and the conditions under which they are granted are the subject of separate agreements between that country and the organization. 9. The audit is carried out by one or more special union countries or by external auditors in accordance with financial rules. They are appointed by the Assembly with their approval. It should also be mentioned that the protection provided under the Lisbon Agreement does not exclude protection that might already exist in a Member State under other international treaties, such as the Paris Convention, the Madrid Convention on the Suppression of False or Misleading Claims on the Origin of Goods or the Agreement on Commercial Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). , on the basis of bilateral or regional agreements or under national legislation or judicial decision. 5. The Assembly adopts its own internal regulation.

The Lisbon Agreement, concluded in 1958, was revised in Stockholm in 1967 and amended in 1979. The Lisbon Agreement created a Union with an assembly. Any member of the Union who has complied with at least the administrative and final clauses of the Stockholm Law is a member of the Assembly. 2. Amendments to the articles in paragraph 1 are accepted by the Assembly. Adoption requires three-quarters of the votes cast, provided that any change to Article 9 and this paragraph requires four-fifths of the votes cast. 2. The International Office immediately informs the authorities of the various countries of the Special Union of these registrations and publishes them in a journal. (1) Any country in the Special Union that has signed this law can ratify it and, if it has not signed it, join it.

b) The Director-General, after consultation with the governments concerned, decides, after consultation with the governments concerned, official texts in the other languages that the Assembly may designate. Three elements should be mentioned in these definitions: together, the Lisbon Agreement and the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement form the Lisbon system, which offers wider and more effective international protection for the names of quality products based on origin. c) The date on which dues are to be paid is set by the Assembly; (iii) amending regulations, including setting the amount of the tax covered in Section 7, paragraph 2, and other international registration taxes; 1. Any proposal to amend Articles 9, 10, 11 and this article may be initiated by any member of the Assembly or by the Director General. These proposals are communicated to the Director-General to the Member States of the Assembly at least six months before they are considered by the Assembly. Article 2, paragraph 1 of the Lisbon Agreement defines a “name of origin” as “the geographical name of a country, region or place used to designate an original product whose quality or characteristics are exclusively or essentially due to the geographical environment, including natural and human factors.”

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