Waterford City Council Tenancy Agreement

Landlords should ensure that they familiarize themselves with the rental pressure zone designation data, as it allows them to know if the tenancy existed at the time of designation and the rent verification rules that must be followed. The Housing Claims Office has two staff members who work in the Waterford office and assess new applications, process inquiries, etc. Meanwhile, applications for social housing assistance can be sent either to the Housing Applications Office, Waterford City & County Council, Bailey`s New Street, Waterford, via the City Hall mailbox (building located between the Theatre Royal and Munster Bar in the shopping centre) or by email to housingapplications@waterfordcouncil.ie. However, in the case of an RAA contract, you will manage and support the tenants and maintain the property in-house for the duration of the contract. If a tenancy already existed at the time an area was designated as RPZ, the rent cannot be revised until 24 months after the existence of the tenancy or 24 months after the date of the last determination of the lease. When the next rent review is due, the RPZ formula can be applied to determine the rent increase. After that, the rent can be checked every 12 months. The main difference between the two options is that in a lease, the municipality or AHB is the owner and takes care of the tenant and the maintenance of the property. In an AAR, the owner is the owner and has these responsibilities. You can sell the property during the RAA period or direct rental. You must inform the local authority or AHB in advance and transfer the RAA or lease to the new owner. In the case of a new lease in a rental pressure zone, unless the property is exempt from rent restrictions, a landlord is required to provide the tenant with the following information in writing at the beginning of the rental: After the designation of a rental pressure zone, all of them still fall under the 24-month rental security laws at the relevant time of eviction.

Therefore, a landlord must wait 24 months from the tenancy or 24 months from the delivery of the last rent review notice before sending another rental notice. If you have entered into a rental agreement, the local authority or AHB is responsible for internal maintenance and repairs during the term of the rental agreement. And at the end of the term, the property will be returned to you in good condition, with the exception of normal wear and tear. If you have any questions about this email, please contact the Housing Applications team on 0761 10 2477 or via email housingapplications@waterfordcouncil.ie. If you have made an RAA with the local authority or the AHB, there is a lease between you (property owner) and the designated tenant….

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