Stockport Homes End Of Tenancy Agreement

Your landlord is legally required to transfer your deposit to a rental bond system (TDP) within 30 days of your payment, in order to protect your money and ensure that it will be returned to you immediately at the end of your rental. If your landlord ignores this legal obligation, you can sue him for the return of the deposit and a sum of up to three times your deposit. If you wish to terminate your rental agreement with us, you must complete a termination form and return it to us. If repairs are needed in your home, check your lease, which is responsible for repairing them. You should only carry out the repairs if the rental agreement intends to do so. If you do not have a copy of the agreement, contact your landlord. The law requires that your rented property be both safe and in good condition. As part of your rental agreement, you and your landlord have obligations for the maintenance of the property. You have an obligation to properly maintain the property and repair any damage you have caused.

Your landlord is also responsible for maintaining the property at an acceptable level, including performing repairs and ensuring that all equipment and services are controlled and meet all health and safety standards. If your landlord doesn`t comply, you may be allowed to assert a claim against them. The rights you have as tenants can often seem confusing and ambiguous, but we will give you simple and balanced advice to minimize your stress and concerns. Before signing a lease, it`s best to get legal advice to make sure you`re fully protected. Among your rights as tenants, we can help you with all matters related to your tenancy, including: some housing companies have decided that they also want to facilitate the distribution of people within the first 12 months of their lease, and so many people have started offering rental contracts with less protection against eviction of new tenants, to offer them no more rights against eviction until after the first 12 months. 1988. The Greater Manchester Law Centre believes that boards and housing companies should offer their tenants affordable lifetime tenancy contracts to the extent possible and should take steps to evacuate only as a last resort and if all other efforts to resolve rental problems have failed. The first step to understanding your rights as a tenant is to know what type of rental or license agreement you have. From 1997, the government also authorized the Council to offer leases with less security against evacuation.

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