Covid Rent Repayment Agreement

These agreements will help maintain the lease agreement and make arrangements to determine what rent can be paid and whether the parties agree to waive and/or defer rent. Landlords and tenants are not required to enter into a rental agreement for repayment, but if there is none, landlords cannot issue a notice of violation for non-payment of rent. *You remain responsible for paying your rent. An “eviction moratorium” only pauses in an evacuation process. If you can pay the rent or part of it, do it! Check the Rental Housing Association of Washington under “Tenant Financial Assistance” to, for example, if you don`t have income or money, it may be reasonable to tell a landlord that you can`t pay the rent you owe until you get a job. that a landlord cannot claim interest on a tenant`s unpaid rent. 1. It is recommended that all agreements contain the basic minimum information: or, if you are a tenant yourself and need help with the payment of the rental, you can ask your landlord to use this model. After the governor`s moratorium, tenants have the right to request a repayment plan to pay rent due since March 2020, which you have not been able to pay because of the pandemic. During the COVID-19 pandemic, some landlords have asked tenants who have not paid their rent to sign agreements on how they will repay them. In the meantime, a new national law, which came into effect on June 11, 2020, can give you options as to when your rent is due. Read if I can change the date my rent is due. It can also help you avoid late fees.

If you haven`t been able to pay the rent due during the pandemic, you`ll know why and how to request a repayment plan from your landlord. #6341EN The landlord can evict you when the moratorium expires. It is important that you only accept a repayment plan if you are sure you can pay for it. Don`t feel pressured to accept something you can`t pay for. If you are put under pressure, you will file a complaint with the Attorney General`s Office. . . .

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