Bc Transit Police Collective Agreement

The mayors had discussed a way to fix TransLink`s $30 million deficit, about as much as the force`s 2011 budget. Far from being a “ticket controller,” Lanyon`s decision says the role of transit police officers is most similar to that of other municipal police forces in B.C. “Both sides strongly oppose what they see as an unfortunate perception that transit police officers are simply `price checkers`.”, indicates the decision. An independent arbitrator awarded TransLink`s transit agents a total salary increase of more than 10 per cent. “Whether there is an understanding that [Metro Vancouver] police officers can move from one jurisdiction to another without difficulty, there are still certain protocols for settling into another`s territory and monitoring in that area, even if it`s a hot chase of someone,” he said. Union representatives, who helped secure the deal at a marathon meeting last week, boasted that the deal contained “historic gains” for workers. Robert Gordon, a professor of criminology at Simon Fraser University, said that in the absence of a regional police service, such a structure would “certainly have merits.” An important cost factor identified during the 2012 Audit of the Vancouver Force was overtime work: in 2009, overtime expenses for transit police amounted to US$6,900 per authorized sworn officer. In comparison, the VPD`s overtime expenses amounted to $3,700 per sworn public servant. Mr Gordon continued: “The municipal forces and the RCMP are not running on the rails. It is the transit police that circulate on the rails and therefore offer a minimum of security.┬áThe Lanyon ruling stipulates that B.C. municipal police forces and transit officers are subject to discipline according to B.C.

Police Act, both are trained according to the same standards, and both have full police powers on and next to the transit regime without restriction. They are trained at the Justice Institute of BC, along with the B.C Municipal Police. They receive all the necessary training to become police officers in British Columbia. During your field training, you have a transit police coach who will give you specific instructions for our unique service. With regard to payment, transport companies receive a 2% wage increase, which applies retroactively to April 1, plus a further immediate increase of one per cent.

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